Luke Snyder
Van Hanis
Van Hanis as Luke Snyder
As the World Turns
Portrayed by: Spencer Goodnow (1995-1996)
Sean Cohan (1996)
Jeremy Ian Zelig (1996-2001)
Christopher Tavani (2001-2005)
Jake Weary (2005)
Van Hansis (2005-2010)
Duration: 1995-2010
First appearance: May 16, 1995
Last appearance: September 17, 2010
Cause/reason: Series finale
Created by: Richard Culliton
Family: Barclay family
Carpenter family
Grimaldi family
Snyder family
Stricklyn family
Walters family
Full Name: Luciano Eduardo Snyder
Alias(es): Luciano Grimaldi (name at birth)
Gender: Male
Born: May 16, 1990
(originally May 16, 1995)
Occupation: Owner of Grimaldi Shipping
Residence: Oakdale, Illinois
Parents: Damian Grimaldi (biological father)
Lily Walsh (mother)
Holden Snyder (adoptive father)
Siblings: Abby Williams (adoptive paternal half-sister)
Aaron Snyder (adoptive paternal half-brother)
Faith Snyder (maternal half-sister/adoptive sister)
Natalie Snyder (maternal half-sister/adoptive sister)
Ethan Snyder (maternal half-brother/adoptive brother)
Marital status: Single
Grandparents: Lorenzo Grimaldi (biological; paternal, deceased)
Bettina Grimaldi (biological; maternal; biological, deceased)
Orlena Grimaldi (biological; paternal; adoptive, deceased)
Josh Snyder (maternal; biological)
Iva Snyder (maternal; biological)
Martin Guest (maternal; adoptive, deceased)
Lucinda Walsh (maternal; adoptive)
Harvey Snyder (adoptive; paternal, deceased)
Emma Snyder (adoptive; paternal)
Great-grandparents: Cal Stricklyn (maternal; biological)
Elizabeth Snyder (maternal, deceased)
Henry Snyder (maternal; adoptive)
Harvey Snyder (maternal; biological, deceased)
Emma Snyder (maternal; biological)
Unknown man (maternal; adoptive, deceased)
Gloria Walters (maternal; adoptive, deceased)
Aunts & uncles: Dante Grimaldi (biological; paternal, deceased)
Rose D'Angelo (maternal; biological, deceased)
M.J. Dixon (maternal; biological)
Sierra Esteban (maternal; adoptive)
Bianca Walsh (maternal; adoptive)
Seth Snyder (adoptive; paternal)
Iva Snyder (adoptive; paternal; adopted)
Ellie Snyder (adoptive; paternal)
Caleb Snyder (adoptive; paternal)
Meg Snyder (adoptive; paternal)
Cousins: Jade Taylor (maternal; biological)
Bryant Montgomery (maternal; adoptive, deceased)
Lucy Montgomery (maternal; adoptive)
Rose D'Angelo (adoptive; paternal; adopted, deceased)
Lily Walsh (adoptive; paternal; adopted)
M.J. Dixon (adoptive; paternal; adopted)
Eliza Ryan (adoptive; paternal)
Other relatives: Jade Taylor (adoptive; paternal; adopted)
Faith Snyder (adoptive; paternal; adopted)
Natalie Snyder (adoptive; paternal; adopted)
Ethan Snyder (adoptive; paternal; adopted)

Romances: Noah Mayer (dated; 2008)
Noah Mayer (dated; 2008-2009)
Reid Oliver (dated; 2010, deceased)
Luciano "Luke" Snyder is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns.

Actor History:Edit

  • Spencer Goodnow (1995-1996; recurring)
  • Sean Cohan (1996; recurring)
  • Jeremy Ian Zelig (1996-2001; recurring)
  • Christopher Tavani (03/2001-01/2005; recurring)
  • Jake Weary (01/2005-12/2005; recurring)
  • Van Hansis (12/2005-04/2006; recurring & 05/2006-09/2010; contract)

Character History:Edit